Profit Goldeneye Review

Feb 2, 2021 10:15 AM ET
Profit Goldeneye Review

Profit Goldeneye






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Profit Goldeneye presentation

The presentation of Profit Goldeneye looks like a scam site from 1999. The presentation is one-sided where the developer says only what he wants to say, instead of trying to answer questions that people have seeking for an indicator. For more details, please read a Profit Goldeneye review.

Trading Strategy Explanation

We’ve systemized all features that we could find on the site among the flood:

  • We’re free to use any number of demo accounts to try it.

  • The system is featured with broker protection that covers deals from hunting them by the broker.

  • We can use it on unlimited MT4 platforms to trade.

  • The system is delivered with free upgrades and updates.

  • It works well for traders who use Scalp, Mid-Term, and Swing periods.

  • The system generates excellent and good signals only.

  • It doesn’t repaint BUY/SELL signal arrows after providing.

Profit Goldeneye chart

The photoshopped screenshot shows how it looks after attaching it to the chart. We don’t see anything attached because there’s no badge in the top-right corner. As well, there are any BUY/SELL arrows on the top or bottom of the bars.

Profit Goldeneye Characteristics

The indicator can work only with a single symbol at the same time.

Profit Goldeneye. The system delivers pop-up alerts when trading opportunities are spotted

  • The system delivers pop-up alerts when trading opportunities are spotted. 

  • Alas, the notifications can’t be sent to email or SMS. 

  • It should work with Currency Pairs, Stocks, Binary Options, and Commodities.

Backtest Data Analysis

This software wasn’t tested before releasing. So, there are no backtests for us. The developers would do a great job if they provided them. It’d increase the level of trust between the company and clietns.

Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

No account

















Profit Goldeneye Trading Data Analysis

Profit Goldeneye Trading Data Analysis

The presentation includes only several screenshots as awkward proof of trading activity and trading results. Of course, it is a lie. It means that the developer didn’t use his software to make profits. They make profits on us, not on Forex trading.

Profit Goldeneye trading results

This is the last attempt to provide some trading results. As we can see, it’s not verified. Everyone can design this sheet in the GoogleSheets, not a big deal at all. These results can’t correlate to a huge trading experience that the developer said to us about. Even if they were real ones, they could be traded for a month. So, where are the rest trading activities? So, it’s a scam.

The company

Profit Goldeneye presentation

Profit Goldeneye presentation

We’re sure that putting photos like these are highly unprofessionally. 

Profit Goldeneye developer

Gavin Jacobs is a developer who’s behind the system. Most likely is a fake name, because there are no social networks or MQL5 profiles provided.

 Profit Goldeneye testimonial

What is this? Seriously? Do you really think we trust this testimonial?

Profit Goldeneye customer reviews

The Web has only this feedback. We can tell you for sure if it’s real, but the trader mentioned that the Indicator didn’t work quite well to be profitable. Support wasn’t professional as well.


Profit Goldeneye Pricing

The BUY/SELL indicator costs $49. The package is featured by free updates, upgrades, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. This term won’t be enough for sure, taking into account, that there is only a five-day-trading week. Lack of time doesn’t allow to run under various market conditions.

Profit Goldeneye. We can get for free an indicator of open market sessions

In addition, we can get for free an indicator of open market sessions.

Review Summary



  • Acceptable pricing. If it’s a scam there’s no big money to lose
  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No money-management advice given
  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No backtest reports provided
  • No myfxbook-verified trading results provided
  • Only a 7-day refund policy
  • No people feedback provided


Profit Goldeneye has all signs of the scam software. It was introduced without strategy and indicators explanations, money-management advice, backtest reports, trading results, people feedback, and so on. There’s nothing even to discuss. There are just several photoshopped screenshots. So, no luck for Profit Goldeneye.

Rating: 2/10

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