FXLeaders Review

Jun 14, 2021 02:22 PM ET
FXLeaders Review





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Trend, Price Action, Support and Resistance, and BreakOut

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FXLeaders presentation

The FXLeaders’ main business is around providing signals for any trader. There are so many negative testimonials published on Trustpilot. So, there’s no guarantee that these signals are viable. 

FXLeaders - active signals

The main page includes active signals with locked details because we are not premium users. The not top signal has Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. 

FXLeaders. We have a news feed

We have a news feed where the latest news and trading ideas are published. There are not only Forex but also crypto ideas published. We have never followed them because there are no verified trading results provided. 

Trading Strategy Explanation

The site includes so much text that brings no useful information, but only SEO optimization:

  • These signals are generated for real traders. 

  • The developers informed us that the analysts use many indicators used to spot trading opportunities: “technical indicators which are followed very closely by our experts alongside with a fundamental analysis of the market and trend. ‘Support and Resistance Levels’, ‘Fibonacci Levels’, ‘Bollinger Bands’, ‘Breakouts’, ‘Moving Averages’, ‘Oscillators’ (trend determiners), and ‘Stochastic Lines’ (overbought/oversold indicators) are the technical indicators.”

  • The main strategies for trading are Trend, Price Action, Support and Resistance, and BreakOut.

  • The signals are created for all available currency pairs. 

  • The signals can be obtained for free. 

  • We can open a demo account to check how good these signals are. 

  • The signals can be delivered via a site, email, or phone. 

  • After receiving, we have to create orders ASAP. 

  • The signals can be for GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, and EUR/USD. It’s a misleading statement. 

  • The copy trading software can help us with copying them. 

  • The signals have the same format: Symbol, Current Status, Direction, Entry Price, Take Profit, and Stop Loss.

  • The deals can be closed manually. 

  • The signals are based on technical and fundamental analysis. 

  • The Swing signals are available only for premium users. 

  • The signals have Take Profit levels at 80-250 pips.

  • Trading Swing signals force us to increase free margin for potential drawdowns. 

FXLeaders trading signals

  • The developers compare short and long-term signals. 

Backtest Data Analysis

The vendor provided no backtest reports. It’s suspicious that none of the analysts tested his or her strategy on the test data before providing signals for people for money. 

Live Trading Data Analysis

There are several tables with fake data published. These random numbers can be ten times higher or lower. The developers could write anything because we have no opportunities to check them out. It’s unprofessional and scam-like. They must know that tearing results must be verified by verification sites like Myfxbook or fxblue. They didn’t do their homework, alas. 

FXLeaders Trading Data Analysis

FXLeaders Trading Data

It’s a joke to even treat these results seriously. Most signals are produced for EURUSD and GBPUSD. We can’t trust the profits they publish. 

FXLeaders Trading Data

FXLeaders Trading Data

FXLeaders Trading Data

There are signals for indices, commodities, and cryptos. 

FXLeaders Trading Data

Most of the signals are short-term. The win rate and total profitability are disgusting. 


The company

FXLeaders. The company

There’s an FXLeaders page on Trustpilot. We have 30 reviews published and a 3.3 rate formed based on them. As you can see, 33% of users are sure that the company is a scam.

FXLeaders customer reviews

FXLeaders customer reviews

FXLeaders customer reviews

FXLeaders customer reviews

FXLeaders customer reviews

The clients have experienced many unprofitable signals. Keeping a balance positive was such a big challenge for them. 


FXLeaders Pricing


The offer costs $9.80 monthly, but we have to pay annually ahead. It’s not fair. The signals pack includes mobile and email alerts, Entry Price, Take Profit, and Stop Loss levels, and access to closed signals performance reports. 

FXLeaders. For this, we have to create a real account on AvaTrade

There’s a second option of how to get the signals. We can get the 1-year premium account for free. For this, we have to create a real account on AvaTrade and deposit it at $250. We have to get confirmation, and we’re ready to go.

Review Summary



  • Some signals for free published
  • No team revealed
  • We can get an annual subscription by creating an account 
  • No money-management or risk advice given
  • No backtest reports provided
  • There are only fake unverified trading results
  • There are no personal or company account trading results at all for years
  • Every third testimonial mentions that the company is a scam


FXLeaders is a company that provides signals which the owners don’t trade at all. There are many strategies and indicators mentioned, but there was no single word about the developers and analysts who provide these signals. Instead of backtests and verified trading results, we have nothing at all. Paying for this $9.80 monthly without a refund policy is a mistake. 

Rating: 3/10


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