Thunder 30 Signals Review

Dec 16, 2020 05:43 AM ET
Thunder 30 Signals Review


Thunder 30 Signals






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Trade length



Trading Strategy Guides

Thunder 30 Signals presentation

Trading Strategy Guides introduced an all-new service - Thunder 30 Signals. The developers said that this service had provided $13000 of profits. It’s manipulation because we don’t know what the account size was to be sure it’s big profits or not. The presentation looks endless and wordy and focuses on people who don’t know anything about Forex.

Trading Strategy Explanation

Let’s talk about signal features because the devs hid the information about the strategy behind them:

  • We don’t need any previous experience to start using signals.

  • The system delivers signals via emails.

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Strategy Explanation

  • It’s a scam statement because a good system doesn’t need to be babysat by a trader. No one from NA wakes up at night to trade starting in the London trading session. NYC’s financial institutions are closed. Everything’s done by robots.

  • The signals are delivered at the same time every day.

  • We have to manage risks on our own.

  • The signals help with any market condition.

  • We can start trading with $100 on balance.

  • It looks like the main strategy is trend trading.

Thunder 30 Signals

  • It’s a scam screenshot because there’s a daily chart. No one provides signals that trigger a 15-day trade. 

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Strategy

  • Here, we will sit in a huge drawdown or will be knocked out of the deal. A two-day drawdown on the Daily chart requires much margin, so much more than the devs said about $100 (for 0.01 Lot).

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Strategy

  • From this scam screenshot, we see that this EPIC Money Management Tool. This software belongs to a third-party company. It looks like their thieves.

  • The strategy is based on indicators: Hull Moving Average,  Aroon Up, and Down, Keltner Channel, Better Volume.

  • Trades are spotted every trading day from 3:30 P.M. To 4 P.M. Eastern.

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Strategy

  • Signals are delivered in this format: direction, Entry Price, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Stop Loss 2 (???) instead of Trailing Stop Loss for Take Profit 2.

Backtest Data Analysis

There’s no backtest report. So, highly likely, the system (EA) didn’t belong to them and was a third party software.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account



November 18, 2019
















Thunder 30 Signals Live Trading Data Analysis

We don’t have verified trading results. The screenshot showed several open trades that are profitable. It’s not a big deal, because unprofitable ones could be closed.Thunder 30 Signals myfxbook

There’s a screenshot of the trading activity. We couldn’t find any account on myfxbook that would fit these results. It means it’s private or was removed. Most likely, it’s a demo account because of the $50k of the initial deposit. It was created on November 18, 2019. Since then, the absolute gain has become only +27.1%. An average monthly gain was 2.35%. The maximum drawdown was 9.58%. The robot closed only 156 deals with 7273 pips. An average win was 755 pips, while an average loss was -894 pips. It would be okay if the win-rate wasn’t only 56% for Shorts and 57% for Longs. An average trade length was eight days. The Profit Factor was only 1.46.

The company

Thunder 30 Signals - The company

There are many people’s testimonials, but they’re faceless, so we can’t be 100% sure that they’re not fake.

Thunder 30 Signals customer reviews

On the main page, there are several screenshots of feedback from Trustpilot. 

Thunder 30 Signals customer reviews

There are over 705 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.0 score from 5 possible.

Thunder 30 Signals customer reviews

As we can see, this is exactly what we were talking about. There are huge drawdowns and swap commissions.

Thunder 30 Signals customer reviews

As we can see, the info about refunding is fake.

Thunder 30 Signals customer reviews

We’ll talk about this case in a Pricing chapter.


Thunder 30 Signals Pricing

It’s a scam way to form a pricing policy. Everyone in the world knows if a company starts from the words “We Wanted to Charge $100500 For Our Product” - it’s a scam. 

Thunder 30 Signals price

They offer us to buy an indicator pack that we don’t need because we need signals. Selling access to a forum, it’s a total, absolutely iconic scam. Advanced training support for money? You must provide support for free, or you’ll be charged. 

Thunder 30 Signals subscription

$997 for an annual subscription is a scam. Why? Because all signal providing companies allow people to subscribe for a month. If they don’t like it, they’re free to go. Here, we have to spend $1000. It’s insane. It’s a trap.

Thunder 30 Signals subscription

Here, we see another price of $497 instead of $997. 

Thunder 30 Signals subscription

As we can see, we have to share the full info, including a CVC code. There’s no secure check out through a third-party company. The person on Trustpilot mentioned that the developers have used this info to still credit card info and sell some other “services.”

Review Summary



  • No pros
  • No team revealed
  • No strategy explanations revealed
  • No money-management advice provided
  • There are many fake screenshots and manipulation on the presentation
  • No backtests provided
  • No trading results provided
  • There was a scam way to form pricing
  • Insane offer
  • Fake money-back guarantee
  • We have to provide all our data, including a CVC code
  • There are many negative testimonials


It’s a scam. First, they provided a good-for-nothing strategy explanation. Second, Swing signals require an insane amount of margin to keep them on the market for weeks. Third, there’s only a screenshot of trading results. No link on the account was provided. Fourth, there’s scam pricing that forces people to pay so much from the start, relying only on a money-back guarantee. Fifth, there are many negative testimonials on Trustpilot. Some of them mentioned that devs have been using their credit card info.

Rating: 3/10

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