Ranger EA Review

Feb 22, 2021 10:23 AM ET
Ranger EA Review

Ranger EA


Expert Advisor


$497 ($40, $120 rent)


Trend + conservative Grid

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs



M30, H1

Recommended Min. Deposit

n/a $1000

Recommended Deposit

n/a ($3000-$5000)


from 1:500

Trade length

One day

Ranger EA Characteristics

We’d like you to read a review of an all-new Ranger EA robot that was released on the MQL5 forum on November 19, 2020. The current version is 3.61. The last time the robot was updated on December 3, 2020. The developer is Ryan Brown from the United States.

Trading Strategy Explanation

There’s a list with features, strategies, settings, and other core intel:

  • The robot trades fully-automatically.

  • It was backtested on the 10-year data.

  • We can expect to get from 2.5% to up to 10% of the monthly gain.

  • The default settings are good to go.

  • The system doesn’t frequently trade because the developer mentioned “every week.”

  • The robot works with GBP/CAD and AUD/CAD currency pairs only.

  • It “uses a corrective trading technique to turn losing trades into winners.”

  • We don’t know if a “corrective trading technique’ is something that we can connect to any strategy we know.

  • The system follows FIFO rules.

  • GBP/CAD works only on the M30 time frame.

  • AUD/CAD works on the H1 time frame.

  • That’s it.

Backtest Data Analysis

Ranger EA Myfxbook

We’ve got an AUD/CAD 10-year-data backtest report. The modeling quality was 99.90% (unproven). The absolute gain was +104015%. An average monthly gain was +5.53%. The maximum drawdown was -55.85%. It seems the system was profitable having run the past data.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Demo (USD), Trader’s Way


January 07, 2020
















Ranger EA Myfxbook

The Ranger robot (v.3.5) runs a demo USD account on the Trader’s Way broker trading automatically. It uses technical indicators from the MetaTrader 4 platform. The leverage is 1:500. The account has a verified track record. It was created on January 02, 2020, and funded at $1000. Since then, the absolute gain has become +79.56%. An average monthly gain is +4.41%. The maximum drawdown is five times less than on the backtest - 10.19%.

Ranger EA advanced statistics

Ranger EA has closed 733 deals with 8857.7 pips. An average win is +27.60 pips when an average loss is -26.04 pips. The win-rate is 70%-71%. An average trade length is over one day. The Profit Factor is high - 2.76.

Ranger EA trading results

The robot tardes AUD/CAD ($319) and GBP/CAD ($456).

Ranger EA trading results

Ranger EA focuses on trading during the European trading hours.

Ranger EA trading results

Wednesday is the most-traded day - 189 deals.

Ranger EA trading results

It runs the account with low risks to the account balance.

Ranger EA trading results

As we can see, the robot closes deals with significant profits. It covers SL and TP levels from hunting from the broker side.

Ranger EA monthly gain

Ranger EA monthly gain

The robot has been running the account profitably. 

The company

Ranger EA trading results

The company has quite a high level of trading account transparency because we can see open trades.

Ranger EA - company profile

The owner runs a profile with a 5418 rate, three signals, and two products.


Ranger EA Pricing

The robot was introduced in the lifetime pack for $497 and two rent packs. The one-month rent costs $40 when the three-month rent costs $120. We can download it for free to check the robot’s settings.

Ranger EA rating

It has 50 purchases monthly.

Review Summary



  • Backtest reports provided
  • No developer photo or info provided
  • Trading results provided
  • No money-management advice given
  • High Profit Factor
  • No settings explanations provided
  • Low-risk trading
  • High pricing
  • Lack of testimonials
  • No money-back-guarantee provided 


Ranger EA looks like an EA that will be able to trade well. Alas, it’s so young to tell something for sure about its future performance. We have to overwatch it for half a year or so before making a final decision. The offer is unfriendly as for a just-released robot.

Rating: 7/10

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