Rombus Capital Review

Jul 15, 2021 03:39 PM ET
Rombus Capital Review

Rombus Capital is a managed accounts service catering to FX traders and investors. It claims to increase profits for its clients without them having any knowledge of trading. According to the vendor info, you need to have a minimum of $1000 to avail of the services of this company. The vendor promises a safe investment that is taken care of by the professional asset managers of the company. We could not find location information or phone contact for the vendor. The customer support options include an online contact form and messaging via WhatsApp and Telegram. 

Rombus Capital


Managed Accounts


40% of Monthly profits


Not disclosed

Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs

All pairs



Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit

$10,000 to $250,000


from 1:100

Trading Strategy Explanation

Trading Strategy Explanation

The main features of the company include a safe investment and transparent operation done under a regulated setup. A minimum of $1000 is required for availing of the managed account service. As per the vendor, the skilled money managers assist and manage the accounts expertly. The traders’ team here has a proven track record and expertise to ensure low risk and high profits. 

FX Managed accounts and social copy trading are the two services this company offers. The social copy trading covers FX, Index, and Commodity CFDs. As per the info on the official site, the vendor assures low drawdown and high returns with its services. The trading is done based on the Neural Network models that use several technical inputs to meet the different market conditions. We could not find further elaboration on the approach used by the manual and automated systems that the company uses.

Backtest Data Analysis

No backtests are present for this service. The lack of proper explanation of the trading approach and the absence of backtests indicate this is an unreliable service. While it is true that backtesting results do not predict a similar performance in the future, they help to know about the efficacy of the trading system. The absence shows that this trading tool is unreliable.

Live Trading Data Analysis

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), Darwinex


May 20, 2021















A real live USD account with a verified track record and trading privileges is provided by the vendor. The account uses Darwinex brokerage and uses a mixed trading format and the leverage of 1:200 on the Metatrader 4 platform. Here is a screenshot of the results:

Rombus Capital trading results

Rombus Capital trading results

From the trading stats, we can see a total profit of 425.07% and an absolute profit of 375.33%. The difference in the two values indicates that the performance is not as effective as claimed by the vendor. A daily profit of 3.12% and a monthly profit of 166.47% are present for this account. The drawdown value is 24.27%. 

For the trading account that started on May 20, 2021, a total of 196 trades have been executed with a profit factor of 4.49 and profitability of 75%. From the trading history, we can see that varying lot sizes are used ranging from 0.01 up to 0.10. The high drawdown and varying lot sizes indicate the approach used is not effective.


Rombus Capital Pricing

Retail, Conservative, and Prime are the three packages the vendor offers for investors. The packages differ in the minimum investment amount, which ranges from $10000 up to $250000. A 20% security stop, a maximum drawdown of 20%, projected annual return of 200% and average monthly return of 5% up to 20% are other features the packages include. The performance fee is 40% of the monthly profits. A credit line of 75% maximum is offered by the company.

Review Summary


  • Managed account and copy trading services

  • Three investment packages to choose from


  • No strategy explanation is present

  • Small sample size

  • Poor performance in the real live trading account


Rombus Capital offers investors a lucrative opportunity with its conservative and fixed approach. Contrary to the claims of consistent returns in the long term, we are unable to find relevant info that can correlate with claims. The absence of vendor transparency, lack of strategy explanation and tests, and small sample size make us suspect the system is not a reliable trading tool. The 40% charge on the monthly profits is a bit expensive when compared to the percentage charged by competitors. With the downsides outnumbering the advantages this company offers, we do not recommend this managed account service.

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