SFI Indicator Review

Aug 25, 2021 06:24 AM ET
SFI Indicator Review

SFI Indicator is a product that was released under the SinryAdvice brand. The developers insisted that "Steady profit in your trading with the most trusted and downloaded tool in 2020 that generates a 79% win rate.” We are going to check if they are real. 

SFI Indicator 






Price Action

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs

Any cross pair


Any time frame

Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length



Trading strategy explanation

The presentation looks average. There’s nothing special as for SinryAdvice. So, our expectations aren’t high. 

  • We may trade manually after reciting a signal. 

  • The only platform to work is MT4. 

  • It shares SL and TP levels for us to know. 

  • The presentation includes testimonials that are fake ones, as usual. 

Indicator working on the terminal.

  • It shows entry points right on the chart. 

  • The signals aren’t repainted after providing. 

  • It works in any time frame. 

  • There are notifications and sound alerts designed.

  • The accuracy rate should be up to 79%.

  • The system is beginner-friendly.

  • There are tutorial videos of how to use the system. 

  • It works with charts all the time. 

  • We should start working on a demo account. 

  • The developers provide welcome support. 

  • The recommended time frames are M5, M15, and M30.

  • The system knows how to work with orders that are about to be lost. 

  • The system will be profitable at the end of the month.

  • The developers have a robot based on this indicator.

  • Martingale is attached to this system. 

  • The presentation includes short videos of how the system worked on the terminal. 

SFI Indicator statistics.

These statements we have seen many times within 2020-2021 years. 

Backtest data analysis

The presentation isn't featured with testing reports. It’s a significant disadvantage because we don’t know if the robot worked correctly with the provided tick data from a broker. We don’t know about the win rate either.

Live trading data analysis

The devs didn’t provide a link on the account when these results were obtained. It doesn’t increase a level of trust in the software. 

SFI Indicator trading results.

The presentation includes a screenshot that we have seen many times. They could have done something wrong, and this was a reason to hide this account. If everything was okay, why did they stop using the system and withdraw an account? The system worked automatically on a real USD account on FXTM with the 1:100 leverage. The platform was MT4. The account had a verified track record but didn’t have verified trading privileges. It was deployed on April 28, 2020, deposited at $2493 and withdrawn at $2000. The absolute gain was 178.22%, when an average monthly gain was 44.64%. The maximum drawdown was 6.72%.

The company

The owners are from Malaysia. We haven’t seen any sign that they are real, and they registered a real company to provide services legally. Their team unites people around the world. 

SFI Indicator testimonials.

SFI Indicator testimonials.

The presentation includes some screenshots of fake feedback instead of just written fake feedback on the bottom of the site. It’s hard to believe that those messages are from real customers. 


SFI Indicator pricing.

We are allowed to buy an indicator for $48. The original price was $80. It’s a common marketing trick to introduce themselves as a generous company. The package isn’t described at all. We don’t know how many accounts we can trade and how many of them will be real/demo ones. There are no refunds at all. 

Review summary



  • Affordable pricing
  • No team revealed 
  • No settings details explained 
  • No backtest reports shared
  • The system doesn’t have current and verified trading results
  • No refund policy provided 
  • No real feedback shared

SFI Indicator is an indicator that works with all pairs and time frames. The developers don’t care about what we think about the system because they decided not to provide backtest reports and trading results at all. 

Rating: 2/10


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