Swing VIP Review

Nov 18, 2020 11:48 AM ET
Swing VIP Review

Sinry Advice is a design company that developed many robots. 

Sinry Advice

One of them is Swing VIP. As we can see from the name, it performs a Swing strategy.

Swing VIP


Fully-automated EA


$98 (was $250)


Swing strategy

Compatible Platforms


Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit

Over than $1000


n/a (should be 1:400)

Trade length

Two days


how the EA trades over the US election

There’s an honorable mention of how the EA trades over the US election and market volatility.

Trading Strategy Explanation

Let’s see what the devs tell us about the strategy:

  • It uses information: Price Action, Trend, CCI, PPO, RSI, Moving Average, analyzing to place a trade.

  • It runs a swing trading strategy. These trades usually are kept on the market for days.

The robot features are the next:

  • The robot trades automatically.

  • It works with five pairs. They’re the same as for MG Pro EA.

  • The EA performs on the M5 time frame.

  • The robot trades with low drawdowns.

  • It has three years of testing (?). We’re not sure because there are only half a year trading results.

  • The default settings will be enough for us to be profitable.

  • There’s no martingale strategy on the board. The devs told nothing about other risky strategies.

  • We have to run the robot all the time. We can do it by buying VPS or running the PC all the time.

  • Lot Size should be 0.01 for every $500 of the deposit. It means that the deals are kept in the drawdown period for hours or even days.

Backtest Data Analysis

The developers didn’t provide backtests for five currency pairs, proving that the EA can manage trading with different risks and market conditions.

Live Trading Data Analysis

The robot has verified trading results. You can see their short version on the sheet.

Trading Results

Myfxbook Account

Real (USD), FBS


Jun 14, 2020















Swing VIP Myfxbook

The EA runs a real USD account on FBS, trading with the maximum leverage (1:1000) on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Track Record is Verified for this account. It was created on June 14, 2020, and deposited at $10000. The absolute gain is +72.47%. The average monthly gain is +11.33%. The maximum drawdown was insane (27.85). Swing VIP drawdown

Trading with maximum leverage and high drawdowns that long for weeks is the shortest way to close all account deals by reaching the Stop Out level of the required margin.

Swing VIP advanced statistics

The EA traded 587 deals with a good number of pips (5784.8). The average win in pips (26.98) is higher than an average loss (-22.06). The Longs’ win-rate is 64%, Shorts’ one is 65%. The average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor was high (2.13).

Swing VIP trading results

The number of closed trades between the most frequently traded and the rarest traded symbols is USD/CAD (150 trades) and CAD/CHF (83 trades only).

Swing VIP trading results

Most deals were traded during European and American sessions.

Swing VIP trading results

Thursday is number one among the other days by open trades.

Swing VIP trading results

The robot trades with medium risks that, in addition, triggers high drawdowns.

Swing VIP trading results

As we can see, the Lot Size varies from deal to deal. The robot uses Hedging to open more deals in the same direction.

Swing VIP monthly gain

Some of the months had increased profitability with increased risks as well.

The company

Swing VIP about

The company has HQ in Malaysia and many freelance coworkers across the board.

Swing VIP about

They mislead clients in the presentation by fake a win-rate and info like “more profit.” More profits compared with what or who? There’s no answer as well as about the price comparison.

Swing VIP about

The company tries to advise more platforms. It looks unprofessional because it messes up an impression of the presentation.

Swing VIP rates

There is an inbuilt rate system. It shows five stars based on 26 reviews.

Swing VIP customer reviews

Swing VIP customer reviews

Swing VIP customer reviews


Swing VIP Pricing

The EA sells in a single package that costs $98 instead of $250.

The package includes:

  • Two licenses: one for a demo account and one for a real one.

  • We pay just once. There are no hidden fees.

  • The robot will receive free updates and upgrades.

  • We can rely on a 100% refund if the EA is not profitable.

  • After a purchase, we have to send them our real and demo account numbers.

Review Summary



  • Real account trading results
  • Many manipulations in a presentation
  • Money-back-guarantee provided
  • No team revealed
  • No settings explanations provided
  • No backtest reports provided
  • High drawdowns for weeks
  • Fake people’s feedback provided



It’s a very risky robot. No one can keep trades in big drawdowns, trading with 1:400 leverage or higher. The EA requires much liquidity to cover these drawdowns and keep trades alive. As a result, we have to have $500 for only 0.01 Lot Size. Other EAs require only $100-$200 of margin for 0.01 Lot Size. The presentation has ended with some fake comments that don’t represent a real picture of trading with this EA.

Rating 4/10

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