The Fall Indicator Review

Sep 17, 2021 08:17 AM ET
The Fall Indicator Review

The Fall is a trading solution that was released on MQL5 over a month ago. The developer is Bruce Webb. We may note that the current version is only 1.0. The indicator was activated only five times. The indicator was released on August 09, 2021. So, the system is a young trading solution and it has not experienced all current market conditions yet.

The Fall






Scalping and Swing

Compatible Platforms

MT4 and MT5

Currency Pairs




Recommended Min. Deposit


Recommended Deposit




Trade length


Trading strategy explanation

The presentation looks white short and it cannot answer all the questions that we have. 

  • The advisor works completely automatically. We may do nothing in addition. 

  • We should hurry (not), before the price will be doubled. 

  • It doesn’t repaint after providing intel. 

  • We can get VIP installation help. 

  • There’s a free Trend Filter Indicator. 

  • It focuses on spotting reversals. 

  • It works only in the sell direction. 

  • It’s a good indicator for scalping and swing trading. 

  • There are various alerts applied. 

  • It works on any time frame and currency pair. 

  • We can start using it even without previous trading experience.

Backtest data analysis

We have no backtest reports published. It’s a disadvantage because the system must have been tested properly before becoming an indicator that people are going to use. Without the final report we don’t know how the system worked on the past tick data. 

Live trading data analysis

The system doesn’t have trading results either. We are not allowed to know how it works on the current data and what results we can achieve using this system here and now. The first part is picking a broker. Various brokers work differently. We have to know what win rate, drawdowns, monthly profits, gain, profit factor, and other factors the system has. Now, it’s unclear. So, we can’t make a smart decision. 

The company

The dev’s portfolio.

We have six products on the board where one of them costs insane money - $2,100 and one of them is free. 

The developer’s profile on MQL5.

Bruce Webb is the person who stands behind The Fall indicator. He is from the US and has a 20,159 rating among the mql5 community. The dev has two years of trading experience. His products have a 4.5 rate based on 340 reviews. The systems he offers to the public were downloaded for demo purposes 1973 times. 


The Fall pricing.

We don’t have a lifetime license at all. We can subscribe to the system for $50 a year. 

The Fall testimonials

We have several positive testimonials. The last five don’t look trustworthy at all because all of them are faceless and people who wrote them have weird nicknames. So, most likely, they are paid ones.

Review summary



  • Affordable rental option
  • No risk or money management advice given
  • No backtest reports provided 
  • No trading results shared 
  • No lifetime licenses sold

The Fall looks like an average scam without proper backtests and trading results. The presentation looks short and not informative if we talk about its usefulness. We don’t know if this trading solution is worth our time and effort. We are sure that the developer should test it on the real or at least demo account first. It would show us that we can rely on real and relevant win rates. People have written many testimonials but we have no screenshots or links on their accounts with trading results. So, there are high chances that the testimonials are fake. Moreover, the developer provides no refunds if the system doesn’t work properly. 

Rating: 2/10


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